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The NEW Artistic Quilter
     Sit Down 16

Speed, Space, Stitching.
The Artistic Sit Down 16 quilting machine has the perfect features
to quickly finish even your largest quilting projects.

Features Include:

Large Table Size
The included table is easy to set up and take down. Adjust the height of the table from sitting to counter height and you are ready to begin quilting. This convenient table allows for maneuverability when free motion quilting, particularly on larger quilts.
TruStitch Stitch Regulator
This innovative stitch-regulation system is the best way to ensure your stitches are even as it regulates the stitch length automatically, regardless of your sewing speed. The small controller easily attaches to your fabric and communicates with the AQSD-16 as you free motion quilt.
Sewing Feet
Get creative with the included feet. All feet are easy to install; just slide on the foot and use your screwdriver to make sure it is tight.
Independent Bobbin Winder
The Independent Bobbin Winder will easily wind your bobbins with all M-class bobbins. The bobbin winder includes a winding speed control that allows the bobbin to wind quickly so you can begin quilting.
Bobbin Case
The bobbin case controls the bobbin tension on the machine. You can adjust the lower tension to accommodate special threads, such as when using a hand-wound bobbin of thicker, decorative threads.
Quilting Timer
To make sure you don't lose track of time, the AQSD-16 has a built-in quilt timer and alarm. Set a time for however long you wish to quilt. When the time is up, the alarm will go off. The timer will indicate how long you have been working on a quilt project.

Manual Mode Quilting & Programable Sewing Memory
The AQSD-16 makes free motion quilting easier than ever. Easily set your choices and you are ready to quilt. You can even memorize your settings to use later on – there are 3 memory banks to store your preferences.

Customize the lighting on the AQSD-16 so that you can see your stitches with clarity. The volume of the machine can also be adjusted to your preference.

Low Bobbin Alert
The low bobbin estimator and alarm is a convenient feature as it allows you to keep track of your bobbin thread so you don't have to while quilting.


Memory Craft 500E

Embroidery of Your Dreams.Wording/JanomeLogo.gif
Embroidery can take an everyday item and turn it into something uniquely yours. What's your signature look? Monograms for ultimate personalization? Home dec items perfectly suited to your home and sense of style? Simple detailing to give a blouse that special one-of-a-kind accent? Whatever you desire, the 500E has the ability to turn your ideas into reality.

Skyline S7

Bringing Your Style to Life.Wording/JanomeLogo.gif
Making dreams come to life, bringing pleasure to those you love, and creating memories that last – these are the things that keep us coming back to our sewing machines again and again. You need a machine that is ready to sew when you are, and ready to tackle challenging fabrics only appreciated by the little girl in all of us. You won't find a better equipped machine in its class than the Skyline S7. 240 stitches including 11 buttonholes ensure you have a stitch for every project. One-Step Needle Plate Conversion makes changing between straight and zig zag needle plates a snap, and 15 included feet means you have just the right accessory for a wide range of sewing tasks.

Did you know . . .

• London's famous Threadneedle Street, which houses the grand Bank of England, likely garnered its name from a source other than sewing. According to some sources, "Threadneedle" Street is a distorted pronunciation of "Thryddenal" Street, meaning third street from Cheapside. What's more, "Cheapside" is not named for a low-income neighborhood; rather, "cheapside" derives from "chepesyde," a Saxon word meaning "marketplace."

• Quilted fabric was used inside armor to give warriors padding and protection as early as the 11th century.

• Egyptians and Chinese cultures were the first to sew three layers of fabrics together to form the quilt.

• "Knurlings" are the dimpled indents on a thimble's side.

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