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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions 

Why do you only sell Janome machines?
     That's easy. Because after 35 years in the sewing business, and, carrying virtually every brand on the market during that time frame, we have found Janome machines to be superior in quality, reliability and ease-of-use. Janome makes an excellent product and is an excellent company. You'll find that you get an awful lot of bang for your sewing dollar out of a Janome product.

Are computerized machines harder to use and do they have more problems than the older mechanical sewing machines?
     Computerized machines are much, much easier to use. The stitch length, width and tension are automatically set with the touch of a button. There are much less tension problems with computerized machines. You actually get to sew instead of constantly adjusting the machines settings.
My old sewing machine is all metal. New sewing machines are all plastic!
     This is just not true. The metal casing on older machines does not make the machine sew any better. It's what's on the inside that counts. Today's quality machines are metal on the inside - the casings are plastic to make the machine lighter.
I saw an ad in the newspaper for a one-day only unsold school machine sale. What is this?
     This so-called "unsold school machine sale" is a scam. They are not $500 machines being sold at a discount. They are low-end, low-quality $198 machines being sold for $198. These people count on you to be uninformed, desperate, and on such a low budget that you will take their ad at face value instead of looking around in your community for a better machine. Our advice is to go to your nearest local reputable dealer who runs an honest business and will be there when you have questions or problems.
How often should I change the needle?
     We recommend you change the needle after eight hours of sewing time. A dull needle punches holes rather than slipping through the weave, breaking the threads in the fabric. Needles are inexpensive, so change them often.
What brand of thread do you recommend?
     Whether you are quilting, doing embroidery or general sewing, we recommend that you always use a high quality thread. Cheaply made thread can affect how your machine performs and its not worth the headaches it can cause.

Service Questions 

How often should a sewing machine be serviced?
     Sewing machines and sergers should be professionally serviced yearly. Remember, a sewing machine is a piece of machinery with moving parts that interact. All machine manufacturers recommend annual maintenance by a qualified technician, and we encourage you to have this done because it can catch any minor problem and keep the machine performing optimally. A good service person adjusts tension and timing during regular service, as well as cleaning areas of the machine that you cannot reach without taking the machine completely apart. Simply cleaning out the lint and oiling the machine yourself is not the same as having the machine properly serviced by a professional. If you purchased the machine new from Sewing World you will receive an automatic reminder when it is due for its annual maintenance.

Can I use canned air on my machine to clean it out?
     Never use canned air on a sewing machine. You'll blow as much lint into the machine as you'll blow out, covering all oiled parts in fine grit, and causing premature wear. Also, canned air contains moisture which leads to rust.

Serger Questions 

What is a serger and what do they do?
     A serger is a wonderful machine that complements your sewing machine. It creates and trims the finished seam you see on ready-made garments all in one step.

About Us 

What are your hours and where are you located?
     We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The store is located in the Village on Bell Shopping Center at 34th & Bell Street (we are south of Stein Mart in the middle of the shopping center).

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